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BIOMASS & HYDROGEN - Renewable Fuels

Clean. Abundant. Flexible.

Green  Fortress has cracked the code on biomass conversion and on hydrogen storage.   Our patented technology replaces 20th century approaches with high parasitic energy penalties making them expensive.  Green Fortress technology breaks new ground.

Low-cost. Convenient

Cost projections show that hydrogen from renewable sources (biomass or solar-split water) can be stored at costs below 8 USD/kWh.  System scales range from "smart dust" to grid-level energy storage.  Electricity from carbon-based biomass feedstock has a 4 year payback compared to 10 cents/kWh.

Renewable Energy Breakthrough

Biomass is cheap and abundant wherever humans live.  We convert it into energy, chemicals, fuel, and heat.  Hydrogen from biogas can be stored in porous silicon:  smaller, lighter, and safer than battery storage.   Green Fortress makes possible complete energy independence for YOUR fortress.

Biomass Pitch Deck August 2018

GFE Pitch BMSG Aug2018 (pdf)


Combined H2US and BMSG Pitch Deck

GFE Pitch H2US and BMSG August2018 (pdf)


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